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My story


It was a grey day outside and two of my hostkids and me needed something to do. I found the facecolors that I bought for the kids a few days earlier and we started to show our fantasies. My two lovely hostkids love Hello Kitty and have everything with that exact. They asked me to draw Hello Kitty on their faces and I did that - I am a very bad drawer, but I tried my best to fulfill their wishes. Fortunately, kids are not very critical, but easy to impress. Afterwards they painted me with all the different colors - I was a masterpiece, a rainbow, whatever the imagination can think of. We had a lot of fun together and it is a memory that will exist in my mind. 

One month after I arrived in the USA my hostfamily took me to Niagara Falls. It was a completely new way to spend time with my hostfamily and I got to know them a lot more than before. I have 5 hostkids and the oldest two are 13 and 15 years old - being away on vacation gave me a new way to spend time with them and just have a lot of fun. 

In November, 2011 I went to Miami with 3 other girls. A very important part of being an Au Pair is making friends. Mimi , my Au Pair friend from Germany, and I have stuck together since we met a few days after we both arrived at our hostfamilies.

When you leave friends, family and everything you care about back in your home country and you go to a place where everything is completely new, unknown and unsecure you want to be a part of something and you want to make friends. The friends you get here become a big part of your everyday life and I see my friends here as my new family as well as my hostfamily. We go through everything together, talk about everything, we laugh together, cry together and share memories that will remain with us forever. To new Au Pairs - do not be afraid of not making friends - everybody wants to make friends when; just ask.

Always remember: you have nothing to lose, but everything to win!